Spinning Opal Pendant by Scott Astin


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Spinning Opal Pendant

1.3 carat pinfire Ethiopian opal set in sterling silver. Opal rotates from the pendant frame. Pendant is approx 1.25″ long. Includes 18″ chain.

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Spinning Opal Pendant by Scott Astin

Scott Astin

Since I was a kid, I’ve loved collecting rocks and gemstones and have always had the desire to learn to cut and polish stones and work with silver to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. A few years ago I got that opportunity through Pioneer Craft House (and now am a lapidary/stone cutting instructor when we aren’t in a pandemic). My biggest love is with Ethiopian Opals, as their beauty and uniqueness is second to none! I prefer to cut my own stones in my jewelry so that each piece is hand-crafted 100% by me, creating a design that strikes a balance between gemstone and silver.


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