Looper Rug by Sam Kievit


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Looper Rug

Looper rug in blue, yellow, white; 23.5″ x 33″.

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Looper Rug by Sam Kievit

Sam Kievit

The interplay of color is like magic to me whether weaving or painting wearable art or functional pieces.
I weave a variety of unique, shawls, scarves, rugs and functional items such as tea towels. I also create one-of-a-kind hand-paint scarves and ruanas— which are primarily made of silk .
With having multiple looms, they are very much like children. Each loom/child has their own unique characteristics and personality . Before even sitting down to weave, I need to select or design what pattern is to be woven, choose which colors and yarns [eg wool, tencel, cotton, alpca, silk, as well as hand-spun fiber] work best and with each other . Each of the yarn[s] need to be measured, then threaded , and finally wound onto the loom.
I have come to love the meditative part of threading the loom — after having had a love/hate relationship with some aspects of weaving —and am excited to see the magic happening before me as I begin weaving
My love of color and silk has also led me to designing using undyed silk as my canvas.
I learned to weave after grad school, but life interfered and I had a long hiatus. Having recently retired, I have finally been able to have fun weaving, exploring various pattern and techniques — creating hand-woven garments and functional items that are as appealing to the eye as to the touch.
My work has been shown in SLC, Park City, St George, and Jackson Hole.


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